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"You can't use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have."

Maya Angelou
Poet,*1928 †2014


Adventure Jeep mit Family

Traveling means fun, relaxing, learning, exploring. But traveling can be also adventurous. Either, because the flight is delayed, planning doesn’t work, weather is bad, or the technical equipment doesn’t work. Or, because one enters unknown terrain: driving off-road, hiking away from trails, climbing slot canyons. Do you want to join our adventures?

Travelogues in English language will be added soon



We had the best tour so far in 2014. In our canyon adventure tour we had everything: paradise, great hikes, adventures, storms, the funniest camping night in the world, mastered challenges, sick children, broken camera ... And despite some efforts it is this is the tour we think back to the most. And if you ask our youngest (7 at that time) where he wants to go again, these are the stops on this journey.

Canyon Adventure Tour


There are a lot of beautiful pictures in my gallery. Some of them are already available to order as print directly. If you are interested in some picture which is not available yet, please use the contact form, so I can care about your request.





First travelogue in English started

I managed to start translation of first travelogue. 

When being asked, what was the best trip in USA, most probably all of us will mention the Canyon Adventure Tour. 2 overnight hikes down to the Grand Canyon, visiting the Wave and a memorable overnight stay at the Alstrom Point at Lake Powell is something we still will tell stories about our grandchildren. Check out!!!

English on air

 My homepage is now also available in English!

I will be happy to hear about your feedback.  You may contact me via contact form. Inquiries about my pictures can also be made there. 

At the moment the travelogues are only available in German. I am trying to translate soon. Please be patient with me also regarding the English grammar