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Unfortunately, most travelogues are only available in German. I'm busy to translate them all to English, but this will take a while.  I will inform as soon as travelogues are also available in English.

But please, don’t hesitate to contact me in case you have questions about our destinations.

Daily golden sunrises and sunsets, green palms as well as the really fantastic turquoise water => that's paradise

A new world
Certainly, the environment looked a little different on October 12, 1492, when Christopher Columbus came across the Bahamas and later hispaniola. However, just like him we discovered "a new world". Columbus traveled by ship and so we did. So anyway, we traveled back and forth between the Caribbean islands - a way of traveling that we actually didn't want to do until we would be old. Getting there we used the much faster airship.

We also visited the Caribbean for the first time and in fact we discovered treasures. However, where Columbus was interested in the precious metal, my treasures were rather the daily golden sunrises and sunsets as well as the really fantastic turquoise water (like Blue Curacao) much more valuable.

Coyote Buttes North

The USA are characterized by extremes. On one site huge, modern cities, on the other site unreal landscapes for miles and miles, which will not allow life for long. Actually, in this country everybody should find something he likes. We are impressed especially by the nature. As human suddenly one feels very little (not to say tiny) when standing in front of huge rock formations which were built only by the elements like water, sand and ice over millions of years.

Havasu Falls

Long time before hiking down the Grand Canyon was added to our bucket list. 2014 finally we started this adventure. But more than that, also two other breathtaking Locations were listed on the tour plan. Some adventures we only made with high effort, but we did it - All! All the Family! And sometime WE WANT TO GO THERE again! ...

Grand Prismatic Spring

Finally back to the USA and this time even for 6 weeks cool. That can only be a good thing. The first 2,5 weeks I was allone with 3 children. Afterwards we met our dad - just before Yellowstone National Park. And that turned out to be the next highlight.



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