Start with troubles

Departure was at noon. So no need for a hurry at this morning. Taxi was ordered for 8.30am. We’ve heard that meanwhile also all electronic devices should be checked at the security, so I wanted to be early at the airport. Breakfast was also planned to be taken at the airport.

Taxi was in time and around 9ish we were at the airport. I’ve checked us in the day before, so we were luckily and took the MUCH shorter baggage drop-off queue.

Honestly, it was different as to fly with Lufthansa. The guy at the counter was quite grumpy and although I entered meanwhile twice (ESTA und TSA) the dates and address of our first hotel he wanted as well to know. Couldn’t he see it in his computer???? Well, I didn’t want to travel together with him…..

Departure gate was in gate-area C. First time for me to depart from this area. Accustomed to having a lot of choice of restaurants behind the security, we wanted to put it behind us first. But as usual I was again the chosen one, who need personal “handling”. Some box with Nintendo-games  attracted interest of security officers.

Check for explosive substances – please come with us...

Alleine am GateAs we finally could pass the security, we didn’t find any restaurant or bakery. We all were hungry, and mood went down. All alone we sat much to early at the gate.

Holger, my husband, went for a walk and fortunately spotted some coffee bar hidden in an edge of another gate. At last we got something to eat – but let’s not talk about the price.

Because of the volcanic eruption of some volcano on Iceland – I don’t write name hear because it is impossible to pronounce or to remember – we flew a big northern loop. We passed Greenland far north and could see glaciers and icebergs, passed Canada and came over Vancouver and Seattle down the west coast. Sky were mostly free from clouds, so it was an amazing experience.

 Grönland Grönland Kanada Kanada

During taking photos I recognized, that something was wrong with my rechargeable battery. I thought to have had charged it at home, but after some photographs it run out of power. Very strange, but at this time I still thought to be able to charge it again in Las Vegas.

And then, 2 hours before landing, Justin hit a low. I started to freeze and didn’t want to eat. Also, a blanket didn’t help.

At 3ish local time we arrived in Las Vegas. Yeapeah, we had reached our destination. Now we only had to pass immigration. We slowed down and were the last one at the queue. Justin got circulatory disturbance and sat down on the bottom. This was recognized by an officer. He asked, if a doctor is needed. We denied, but he wanted us to pass the queue and to go directly to the immigration officer. Perfect, 30 minutes for immigration was new best time.

Suitcases were found fast, but another 30 minutes went by queueing at the customs.

Las Vegas welcomed us with 97° dry heat.....

Now we had to separate. Holger, Marwin and Kevin took the baggage and went to hotel by taxi. I and Justin – he felt better now- went to the car rental station. We had allowed ourselves a Ford Mustang convertible during our stay in Las Vegas. And for sure this care did not provide enough place for 5 people and all the suitcases.  

What a feeling! Cruising open-topped through the streets of Las Vegas. Sunshine from above and the engine noises in our ears. We really enjoyed the drive ….



…and missed the exit  

We just arrived at the hotel as Justin felt again bad and the next moment, he throwed up. Oh goodness, the child was really ill! Not good to start of holidays like this . We fastened up to check-in, and as soon we entered the room, Justin lay down on the bed and felt asleep. My first task was to put the battery into the charging device.

Besides Justin all went to the pool. It had to fool jetlag. But unfortunately, it looked very ugly at the pool. Everywhere there were buckets full of beer bottles: At the sun lounger, at the pool and on the little island within the pool. But the water was good to keep us awake.

At 8pm pool was closed. All of us were hungry. But Holger and Marwin didn’t made it. Back at the room they lay on the beds and felt asleep. Justin got fever, so I gave him some medicine.

Only Kevin and I went for a walk at this evening. But we made it only to the New York, New York. Also, we were quite tired and after sharing a sandwich also the both of us went to bed.


Hotel Luxor Las Vegas  Hotel Luxor Las Vegas Hotel Luxor Las Vegas Blick vom Hotel Luxor Las Vegas Hotel New York Las Vegas

  • Driven miles: 12,1mi
  • Time traveling: 22,5 h
  • Accomodation: Luxor Hotel
  • Highlights: