AIDAluna Just in time for entering the port of Willemstad we were awake and could watch the spectacle from our balcony. Several times on our tour I watched enthusiastically how carefully and almost cm-exactly the captain maneuvered this huge ship.

Already at home I had reserved a rental car on the island. A very good decision, as all passengers without a reservation went away empty-handed. In addition, we could easily drive away from the crowds and had our first destination almost for ourselves. And this even though the sister ship AIDAperla was also in the port.

Curacaos Straßen Shete Boka Nationalpark We decided to “put the cart before the horse”. So, we went directly to the National Park Shete Boka in the far northwest of the island. A very impressive and multi-layered park, as you can clearly see the volcanic origin of the island. (The stones and rocks were so sharp-edged that I walked very carefully not to fall.) And the forces of natrure were also impressively demonstrated.

Sea Turtle is looking out of water

The next stop we made at Playa Piskado. We left the camera inside the car, took only the bathing bag incl. GoPro, and walked the short way down to the beach. This one wasn't that special, but it wasn't the goal of our stop either. A first snorkeling tour was unsuccessful, but of course I did not give up immediately and set off again.

And look their! What's peeking out of the water?

Yes, right! A sea turtle! Hooray. Cozy and seemingly no longer impressed by the people, some sea turtles made their rounds here. 

 Sea turtle Sea turtle 





A great Experience! 



Playa Lagun IguanaWe were hungry and found a small cliffside restaurant at the next recommended beach Playa Lagún. Unexpectedly, we came across the next highlight. Instead of birds, which usually annoyed us while eating in the beer garden or excursion restaurants, completely different animals waited here for more or less intentional feeding. Next to our table were two huge iguanas.  HIf the waitress had known me, she certainly wouldn't have asked if I was afraid. The camera was ready for action....

Iguana Iguana Iguana Iguana Iguana


Afterwards we looked for the beach where the pigs should run around. After some difficulties, as the streets had probably changed, we found the very beautiful Playa Portomarie, but saw no pigs. Since the beach should also cost admission, we decided against another beach stay.

This allowed us to be in the Landhuis Chobolobo before closing. Unfortunately, we had not expected the rush hour. The time buffer melted and melted. But actually: 1 minute before 5 o'clock we entered the shop Why? Well, because here the delicious and original Blue Curacao is made.

Some history: In 1499, the Spanish brought oranges to the island. However, these did not prosper. The plants produced only a kind of bitter orange: small, green and shriveled. So, the trees fell into oblivion. Decades later, it was discovered that the bowl dried in the sun contains essential oils with a great fragrance. The fruits meanwhile have been called "Citrus Aurantium Currassuviensis" ("Golden Orange of Curaçao"). Or in the local language "Laraha". 

The bartender was very kind and despite the late hour, I was allowed to taste the different kinds of liquors and he told me a bit about it. His way in our bag was found by the version made of tamarind, since I did not taste this before.

We dropped of the car back and I walked a little bit through Willemstad until the sun went down and I had to get back on the ship.

Sunset in Willemstad Sunset in Willemstad Sunset in Willemstad Sunset in Willemstad

New World:
The Christmas decorations were so beautiful but very unusual for me at 30°C.

AIDAluna  AIDAluna  AIDAluna