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Christmas DecorationActually, we had also booked a car here, but at the given address there was neither a car rental nor did anyone answer the phone when I called the given number. So, we simply accepted the offer of one of the many "guides" standing at the harbor to drive us around. He offered us the same round trip that I had already prepared. 

In a wide loop ...

Kirche in St. John's  English Harbour view Weißer Silberreiher Weißer Silberreiher St. Barnabas Chruch St. Barnabas Chruch Flowers

gwe went to the English Harbor and somehow we felt like moved to another time and place. The few people were quiet and relaxed on the road - without any hustle and bustle. Actually, most from England. And also here the Christmas decorations seemed out of place with a bright blue sky and 25°C.

Then we went through the small area of rainforest with a mess of trees: palm trees, deciduous trees, banana, mango, ferns, rhododendrons - partly really isolated.

Mango Bananenstaude Regenwald Regenwald Regenwald Regenwald

At one of the fruits stands we stopped for a Black Pineapple - Black, because it grows on volcanic earth. This species is only available on Antiqua. It tasted delicious!

Bananen Ananas Ananas

Before we drove back, we took a break at one of the beaches. Unfortunately, the Lobster, which was also highly praised on this island, were not available at this day, and so I decided on fish and was thrilled how deliciously prepared it came from the small hut.

Beach on Antiqua Beach on Antiqua Beach on AntiquaBeach on Antiqua 

We walked briefly through St. Johns before we went back to the ship.

Leben in St. John's Leben in St. John's Leben in St. John's Leben in St. John's St. John's

AIDAluna A new world!

On this day I noticed the first day that each time the departure was celebrated as a big event. The captain let the horn sound 3 times, while departing 3 songs were played, starting with a cover version of "Sail away" by Enigma. As one hears, Enigma did not want to allow AIDA to play the original version.

Some guests celebrated this every time with a glass of sparkling wine.  




St John's at Blue Hour St John's at Blue Hour