Under the sea

Sunrise over ArubaGood Morning Aruba.

Actually, we wanted to go diving again. But we weren't allowed to because we haven't been diving for the last 24 months. However, this was not included in the excursion description.

OK, then snorkeling.




Segel eines KatamaransMeWith a catamaran we went off Aruba to the sunken German ship “Antilla”. However, since the current was strong there, we first stopped in the shallower water to "practice" little bit. But not without getting a life jacket first. And it didn't matter if we could swim (me) or used to be competitive swimmers (Holger). The thing had to be put on. 

I simply did not inflate it. And it was heaved at my husband in the water because he somehow managed not to get one during distribution round.

Küste von Aruba Katamaran

We brought our own little fins as well as snorkels and diving goggles with us. Firstly, we did not have to share a snorkel that was already in who knows how many mouths. Secondly, our walk on board looked much more elegant.
We avoided the huge queue at the stairs into the water by a death-defying jump from deck - of course not without diving goggles expertly captured.

A few fish were on the way here and a few corals were to be seen.

Zwei WeltenExactly after 30 minutes we had to get back on board. Then we went towards the wreck. The captain had to wait until an anchorage became available. This was not an insider tip. Each boat apparently had a timeslot, when it was allowed to anchor and let guests into the water.

During the trip we were told a lot about the boat, wreck, behavior etc. – just in English. A scout (escort from the ship) translated into German, but only half of it.

When we arrived at the wreck, it was important to follow the captain's recommendation: swim against the current to the bow of the wreck, then simply drift back. So, I got through the huge amount of arms and legs quite well. Regarding the crowds there was not much difference to London's Oxford Street or strip in Las Vegas at evenings.

Palm Beach, Aruba me Segelschiffe vor Palm Beach Now we were finally allowed to have rum with the fruit punch. Before the snorkeling tours, alcohol was strictly forbidden.

We continued to „Palm Beach“, where a barbecue was served and there was still some time to relax. Afterwards we were driven back to the ship in an open bus.

We walked briefly through Oranjestad. But found nothing, except of shops – many luxury labels – heat and degenerated residential areas. .

Oranjestad Xmas in Oranjestad Oranjestad Oranjestad

Almhütte KäsespätzleWe didn't want to go back to a buffet restaurant and therefore ended up in the alpine hut. Well, Schnitzel and cheese sparrows in the Caribbean... Why not?








In the evening, the officers were allowed to mix and sell cocktails to the amusement of the guests - the team that sold the most cocktails had won. It was fun, as some were really courting the guests. And we did what was necessary to support the officers in their efforts.

New World:
I finally understood that there was a kind of tax-free zone around the cruise ports, where all the well-known luxury brands were located in a kind of outlet. Many of our passengers made good use of the offers by Gucci, Versace etc.. This already had some parallels to the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors who discovered these islands and also brought home some treasures.

For us it was rather unpleasant to be "patronized" on holiday and to be directed from A to B as in the “Almabtrieb” .
But I had never experienced such clear water before. And indeed, the water had the turquoise glow just like Blue Curacao