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Canyon Adventure

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Long time before hiking down the Grand Canyon was added to our bucket list. 2014 finally we started this adventure. But more than that, also two other breathtaking Locations were listed on the tour plan. Some adventures we only made with high effort, but we did it - All! All the Family! And sometime WE WANT TO GO THERE again! ...



Start: Las Vegas
End: Las Vegas
Distance: 1414,5 miles
Hikes: 55,8 miles
Min-Elevation: 733,7 ft
Max-Elevation: 7055,01 ft
Ø-speed: 38,9 mph
Vehicles: 32,5 ft RV by Moturis
  Ford Mustang Convertible
  Dodge Durango
Gas: 162,236 gal
Ø -gas mileage: 28,43l/100km 
Navigation device: Garmin Oregon 450
Highlights: Havasu Falls
  Grand Canyon Hike
  Coyote Buttes North
  Camping at Alstrom Point


Friends of us and we really wanted to hike the Grand Canyon. However, alone with our youngest we had concerns. But since these two got along very well with each other (and so did the others of us), the idea quickly matured to simply tackle this project together - as a kind of motivational support for our mice. At one of the forum meetings, we planned this project for 2015...

We just came back from our 1-year abroad in London in August 2013 and our friends from their 2nd Southwest vacation, as I got a call, how about to execute the project already 2014. That was all of a sudden. - But when it comes to the USA, I don't let myself be asked for long. …  

First day as usual

Night was as usual for the first days in USA. I waked up several times. Around midnight I looked after Justin. He had a temperature. Not good! But I couldn’t make him awake to give medicine.

At 4ish my husband also waked up and we decided better to start holiday with some big breakfast as to fight for sleep. But it was not easy to get the teenager awake. Didn’t they have consequences by jetlag anymore? Or was it just because they also in Germany stay in bed until midday?  So, it was already 5.30am as we left the hotel.

Start with troubles

Departure was at noon. So no need for a hurry at this morning. Taxi was ordered for 8.30am. We’ve heard that meanwhile also all electronic devices should be checked at the security, so I wanted to be early at the airport. Breakfast was also planned to be taken at the airport.

Taxi was in time and around 9ish we were at the airport. I’ve checked us in the day before, so we were luckily and took the MUCH shorter baggage drop-off queue.

Another shopping marathon

We all slept deeply and soundly. However, I awaked again at 4am, but felt good. We kept a little bit in bed before having first cup of coffee, sitting in front of the RV.

This is one thing characterizing our holidays in the USA: Sitting outside early in the morning –sometimes still wearing pyjamas -, drinking coffee and watching nature waking up and listen to the noises.


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