Titel Reise Waelder Wasser Wein

We were quite late with the holiday planning. Not before New Year’s Eve we decided on Canada at the request of our son. That was already quite late, as all planned trips of the previous years were postponed to this summer due to the two Corona years before. We caught one of the last existing vehicles at Fraserway. When booking the campsites, I had to be quick. Often the last free sites were already gone 5 minutes after the opening of the booking window. I did not manage to reserve two of our desired sites, although I pressed on time 4pm on the booking button.

I expected lot of crowds, which is not really our thing.

In this context, a compliment to SK Touristik: I wanted to upgrade the return flight to Business again via bonus miles. But for this I needed the right booking class for the flight tickets and of course also a free contingent for an upgrade. After a few phone calls with Miles & More, as well as our consultant from SK Touristik, who was very patient with us, I had Premium Economy flights to Vancouver, as well as seats in Business Class for the return flight.

A particularly big thank you goes to Kali, a forums friend, who helped a lot with the route. After many emails and messages, the route took shape.

Still, I had some respect for the weather – whereas my comfortable temperature just starts at 25°C . Other friends of us had a lot of rain and not really summer temperatures during their 3-week trip and even 2 days before departure the weather forecast even showed us minus temperatures on the Icefield Parkway.
That didn't make packing any easier this time either.  In addition, there was not enough space in the truck camper to store suitcases and bags compared to the campers we had so far. Suitcases had to be stored at Fraserway. But I didn't want to be in the parking lot repacking the clothes individually from the suitcases into the camper.
I came up with the idea not to pack the clothes directly into the suitcases, but first into smaller panniers. In fact, not only did this make unpacking faster at Fraserway, but it was also easy to keep the closets tidy throughout the journey.