Bearish encounter

Ray FarmToday we left the Wells Gray PP again. We had a short breakfast, afterwards made a stop at the Ray Farm. Between 1911 and 1947, the farm was the home of John Ray. He built it before there was any road here. After his death, the family gave up the area around some mineral springs. Was this due to the vast quantities of mosquitoes?

In any case, as soon as we arrived here, they fell over us in mass. Unfortunately, we had forgotten to spray ourselves and the mosquito spray was in the car. After only few pushes on the shutter release, we were already on our way back.

Our son was bored of forests and waterfalls after the first week. A bit annoying, but on the other hand I found the area here also not very varied. Actually, the landscape consisted largely of forest on the left and forest on the right. Of course, the different waterfalls were great in terms of photography, but I could understand that the smaller differences between waterfall and waterfall did not seem so interesting to a teenager.

Wasserflugzeug Unter Beobachtung So, I changed the plan and instead of waterfalls and salmon watching opportunities, we headed for the area of the Blue River Safari. This promised bear observations. We were lucky and were able to book seats for the tour half an hour later.
Ok, actually the tour starts 1 hour later. The young troupe did not take the times very seriously. But then we were on the road for 120 minutes instead of 90.

Mud Lake WasserfallBut oh dear, what was that? Instead of a speed boat, our group was put into an electric boat, and this was very slow and followed the shore very chilled. And then the worst case, after half an hour we were asked to get off at a little pier so that we could admire a waterfall.
It was also quite nice to look at, but not what we wanted. And certainly not the youngest of us.

Moos am Baumstamm nature art

On the way back to the pier, the group from the speedboat came towards us, who told us happily that they had seen a female bear with two cubs. Now I was really frustrated. That really couldn't be true...

GlacierBut back at the pier the boats were changed. And now the journey really started. With an immense speed, our guide Tim ships us through the shallows. The previously lake-like river was now only a narrow river, which we raced upstream until some larger piles of trees and wood, made the continuation too dangerous. Well, at least this ride pumped some adrenaline into our bloodstream, and I heard some enthusiastic sounds behind me.


Now, Tim let the boat drift the river down again with the current. The engine was only turned on to be able to steer when necessary.

And then there it was: our first bear on holiday!

In the water layed a carcass, which had been exposed by the sinking water level. And at this the still quite small black bear has feasted. Only when the current let us get too close, he reluctantly gave up the feast...

Now we were really excited. This tour was worth it. On the way back, the guide – a New Zealander by the way – told us some very interesting facts about bears and life here in Canada in general. And in the end the lighting conditions for the Osprey Nest including the adolescent offspring were even better than at the beginning. 

Win-Win-Win-Day is the rating: Fun boat trip, waterfall and bear sighting.

Rocky MountainsAfter a small snack we drove on and were an hour later at Valemount at the campground.Valemount

Actually, a small detour to Mount Robson was planned for this day, as tomorrow would be too busy. I also cancelled this visit, which unfortunately I should regret the following day. But not on this day, because the campground was highly recommended! Above all, the receptionist was really nice and even borrowed us a cooking grate, because here was finally campfire allowed. Showers and dumping were included and cost no extra fee. Last, but not least: our site was located on Whiskey Road.


  • Accommodation: Yellowhead RV Park & CampgroundTime

  • On the road: 9 h

  • Kilometers driven: 271 km

  • Kilometers run: n/a

  • Waterfalls: #11 without name

  • Special features: We can watch a black bear eating for a long time and see a young Osprey at the nest