Kanada aus den WolkenDue to the reported chaos at the airport, we planned 3.5 hours for check-in and security check as we not even needed 20 minutes through security. At the check-in we only had to wait because the counter opened only 3 hours before boarding. Thanks to "Frequent Traveler" we were able to use the business desk and thus skip the long queue of waiting people. Amazingly, none of my luggage was subjected to a special check.

Kanada aus den WolkenWe bridged the waiting time with a small breakfast. Boarding was punctual and orderly. The flight with Air Canada was very pleasant and uneventful, the food delicious and the beverage supply good. Only thing to mention is, that I drank a Canadian wine for the first time and was thrilled right away. In the travel guide I had read about the Okanagan Valley. That was also the reason why I decided against German wine. But I would not have expected such a delicious Riesling.

Punctually at 10.20am we landed in Vancouver. I liked the airport very much, but it was remarkably empty. I wondered, where all the people were, due which I didn't get my campgrounds booked.
Immigration dragged on because the machines did not accept my and Marwin's IDs.

Finally arrived, our suitcases were already next to the belt. By taxi we went to the hotel. Unfortunately, our room was not ready yet. That's actually the only thing I have to criticize about booking with SK Touristik. I would have expected, that the room has been booked accordingly to the arriving time of flight.

Well, at least we were able to lock up the suitcases and visit Vancouver without much ballast. The Canada Line took us from Aberdeen Station to Waterfront Station in just 22 minutes – without a driver.

Tram Tram

Gruppen Selfie im Pub Lions Pub SignMy men both pleaded for food (ok, we had only gotten something shortly before landing...). We found the Lions pub opposite Canada Place and I was transported straight back to "England". We sat outside on the quite W Cordova Street with Shepard's Pie, hamburgers and ale, the table sticky and the waitress spoke a fine, bright singsong that was reminded more the British accent than the hard American one. In addition, our favorite pub in England was "The Red Lion & Pineapple".

Canada PlaceAfter a very good meal we circled the Canada Place. Two large cruise ships lay to the right and left of the quay. Many flower baskets were hung up and despite the two steamers, it was also quite here. It was ~30°C, we marveled at the first seaplanes, of which we should see much more in the coming days and read the partly bizarre stories that were attached to the banister.

Steam ClockNext stop was the Steam Clock. We watched the hustle and bustle for a while from the strategically very well-located Starbucks. After all, you should take the holiday slowly, right? Here, too, the streets were decorated with flowers and the houses reminded to industrial England.






Spiegelnde Bärenfiguren Blick zum Vancouver Sience World

The way to Coopers Park turned out to be a small violent march, where tiredness caught up with us. With water for the night, we drove back from Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, grabbed our luggage and moved into the room. As soon as the boys were lying on their beds, they had already fallen asleep. I still made it to 8pm local time...





  • Accommodation: Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Time on the road: 22 h
  • Kilometers driven: na
  • Specialties: Tranquility and English atmosphere in the center of Vancouver