ButterflyWith the experiences of the last days, I canceled the 5km hike at Joffre Lack. First of all, I wanted to see how the highways are here on the mainland and preferred to have a little bit more time at the destination.

We started around 10.00 o'clock (that was probably our time here). We continued the #99 to the northeast - past lakes and rivers, through valleys and forested mountains. Conifers were the superior species here.

The view over Duffey Lake was brilliant and combined everything you could imagine about Canada: mountains, conifers, fireweeds and reflecting lakes in the sun.

At Lillooet, the landscape became more barren and browner. We stocked up our supplies and continued our trip directly. We were recommended the "Pavilion Mountain Road", which should also save us 40km according to the travel guide. I knew it could definitely be handled with our 4-wheel drive. According to the travel guide in dry condition even for all vehicles smaller RV 25ft feasible.
At first try we missed the turnoff, because I was looking for a road sign pointing to the "Pavilion Mountain Road". In fact, the street we were looking for was only called Pavilion-Clinton-Drive and was not signposted.

In retrospect, I thought it was good that the road was not so well signposted. Without appropriate ground clearance and four-wheel drive, the way could not be done. The largest part of the route would have been possible with cars, but over about 4 km the path was washed out. And up here on the pass it had also rained recently and ground was wet.

Kelly Lake im Downing PP Pause im Downing Provincial ParkNevertheless, a very nice track.

From the pass we had great views over the Fraser Valley. Later, the path led through (private!) Farmland and forest. Frank mastered them without any problems and my husband had fun. We reached the provincial park announced in the travel guide not before the very end of the route shortly before we came back on the highway. In Downing Provincial Park we took a break with freshly made coffee and the remaining pizza from Squamish. The only disturbing thing was the noise of a nearby construction site.

Downing Provinical ParkA couple arriving a little later on a motorcycle wanted to buy a Coke from us. In complete motorcycle chasm it was quite warm at over 30°C. And you couldn't look that fast, they had already submerged into the lake. Of course, we didn't take any money from them...

The rest of the distance to Green Lake was quickly done and we spent the afternoon swimming and playing ball. So, 2 of the three of us. The water was too cold for one of us. It's easily to understand, where the name came from.


The area around the lake was quite even and not as forested as other areas we passed so far. Around the lake houses were located - everything started from huts over villas to farms was exsisting - with direct access to the lake. The Provincial Park was spreaded in 3 areas around the lake. We decided for east-southern shoreline hoping for a nice sunset. But exactly at this time a thunderstorm passed, which displaced us into the RV.. But it was only short and so we could finally make the long-awaited campfire. With S’mores, of course.


Kindly, the rest of the rain came down during the night.

  • Accommodation: Green Lake Provincial Park
  • Time on the road: 7 h
  • Kilometer droven: 226km
  • Kilometer hiked: n/a
  • Waterfalls: none - wait for it
  • Specialties: