Niagara Falls 2.0

Kanadische FlaggeAs expected, the night was short. More precisely, at 4am I was awake. But also in Canada there is coffee in the rooms.. We were able to take a small breakfast “to go” at the coffee bar in the entrance area of the hotel. The hotel's restaurant was closed. In general, the hotel made a rather empty impression.
The Fraserway shuttle picked us up on time (I had booked the first shuttle with Fraserway by phone a few days before), and thanks to prior express check-in, the formality went very quickly.

Truck Camper Frank

A young guy explained keenly the vehicle to us. I think people are just happy to finally start back to normality. In the last two years, there have only been videos for the renters during takeovers.
We got an almost new vehicle. Just 10.000km it run before. We were the 3rd or 4th tenants. Very cool. Our truck camper got the name “Frank”.

We quickly unpacked the suitcases (thanks to the organization system really fast) and stored the suitcases.

The subsequent purchase at Walmart was disappointing: More than half of the shopping list was not available – the shelves were remarkably empty – the rest was absolutely expensive. I decided to stop shopping at Walmart in Canada.

We went straight towards Vancouver Island. The rest of the groceries we wanted to buy there. Since I didn't know how long the tasks at the morning would last, I hadn't pre-booked for this ferry ride. But we only had to wait 1 tour.

The organization at the terminal impressed me. The different lanes were assigned to the departure times. In the terminal there was coffee, snacks and some stalls. We were already able to make friends with the Canadian fruits from the Okanagan Valley on this day. This was also offered at two stands. Very tasty, but also, although directly from the farmer, for our standards, expensive.

Fährterminal In der Fähre

Mt Baker, USGolfinselnThe crossing was an experience in itself. Through many small islands we went. Yes, finally we were in Canada! This landscape could only belong to Canada. Dreamlike! Water, rocks, conifers! We had bright sunshine, ~30°C, and could even see Mt. Baker in the distance. 




On today's program only the first two waterfalls were: Niagara and Goldstream.

Niagara Falls fotografieren

What? Niagara? Weren't they somewhere else? Yes, of course! But here on Vancouver Island there were also some of this name. We reached him with some searching, contacting "locals" and finally via a dry riverbed.
The description in the travel guide urgently needs to be adapted here. In summer this is not a problem because the riverbed does not carry water, but in spring and after rain it certainly looks different.
The park management’s description also recommends the parking lot on the other side of the Trans-Canada Hwy, which starts in Victoria. 

There were only less people here, so I was able to take a few shots without. . Aren't these falls very similar to their namesakes?

 Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls

Fahrt durch RegenwaldBy the way, the "local" turned out to be Argentinian and had named the falls "Angelfalls". He also invited us to his barbecue, which he prepared in the nearby picnic area. But we still had to go to our campground.




Auf dem CampgroundThe second waterfalls were directly accessible from the campground. The campground was located in a small piece of rainforest. Canada strives to protect every little piece of rainforest that still exists here.
It was already great here: very thick and high trunks, certainly very old and moss-overgrown from the trunk to the branches.

We settled in and then walked a kilometer to the Goldstream Falls. They very located very idyllic. And at that time no one was here to bathe. 


Goldstream Falls Goldstream Falls Goldstream Falls Goldstream Falls

Of course, we didn't get "old" that evening.


  • Accommodation: Goldstream Provinical Park

  • Time on the road: 10 h

  • Kilometers driven: 132km

  • Waterfalls: #1 Niagara Falls, #2 Goldstream

  • Highlights: Everyone is very nice here! However, so far we have only spoken to Brits, Brazilians and Argentines.
    I am pleasantly surprised by the service at Fraserway. In addition to axes and camping chairs, the normal vehicle equipment also included coffee filters, salt / pepper, detergent, woolen blankets and lighter. I was not used to it and a lot of what I had brought with me could stay in the box.