Canoeing Clearwater Lake

Kanu am Clearwater LakeThe road ended at the campground. The 5 km to the boat ramp were no longer paved. From here you can only continue by canoe or by foot. On the 23.5 km long Clearwater Lake and the adjacent 24km long Azur Lake you can spend days. There are some simple campgrounds spread over the banks.

Both lakes may only be navigated by non-motorized boats. We also switched to a canoe. I had already reserved this from home, but I probably hadn't read the description well enough. We first drove to the boat ramp to find out that the registration including the issue of paddles and life jackets was located at the office at the campground. So, back to start and finally around 11:00 we could start.

Clearwater LakeSince the time was already quite advanced, we could only canoe a small part of the lake. We got a map including recommendation of beautiful beaches and canoeing techniques.

Back at the boat ramp, a group was launching the canoes. Of course, that took some time. But my men made up for the waiting time by paddling very quickly and we crossed the lake not vertically but in a diagonal. So, we were able to leave the group behind us pretty quickly.

We spent the day on the lake, canoed to three beaches, bathed and picnicked. It was a very relaxed and absolutely quiet day. There was no noise out here, only sometimes you could hear the paddles of other canoeists or quiet conversations. Only nature, nothing else!

I regretted that day that I had been too lazy to bring all the camping equipment. A night out here at the end of the lake would have been great...

We had to be back punctually at 5pm, otherwise they would be looking for us. Of course, we stuck to it and spent the rest of the evening eating and playing Uno



  • Accommodation: Clearwater Lake Campground (Wells Gray Provincial Park)
  • Time on the road (water): 7 h
  • Kilometer driven: n/a
  • Kilometer hiked: n/a
  • Waterfalls: some left and right of the lake
  • Specialties: Absolute tranquility